Do you have pets?

We can help you by deoderizing and sanitizing your tile floors and carpet.  As much as we love our pets, they can be a source of dirt and germs just from being outside and carrying it inside our homes.  Sometimes they are ill and have accidents which can become imbedded in the grout and carpet in our homes.  Try as we might, it's hard to get stains and germs out of carpet and grout.  That is where we can make a difference!

Using hot water heated to 180 degrees kills bacteria and sanitizes.  Our process uses pet friendly solutions, hot water heated to over 200 degrees, and a vacuum extraction system which will rid your home of odor and germs.  Even the most careful pet owners can benefit from our unique cleaning process.  The steam kills the germs, the solutions clean and leave a pleasant fragrance, while the vacuum system extracts the majority of the water, leaving your floors and carpets feeling like new.  Wouldn't you like the feeling of having cleaned beautiful floors again!