Do you have Allergies?

Did you know that just cleaning your home using the traditional methods doesn't eliminate all the allergens?  You can vacuum, dust, and change your air conditioner filters regularly in an effort to keep your home clean, but you may be forgetting the biggest filter of all!  Your carpet!

Carpet can hold a number of allergens and dirt while still looking clean to the naked eye.  Our unique cleaning process will make a big difference in the way your carpet looks and smells with the added benefit of ridding you of the allergens that can be trapped in the carpet that traditional cleaning can't get out.

You would be surprised at the amount of trapped dirt and hair that will be removed with our cleaning process.  Using hot water heated to 180 degrees kills bacteria and sanitizes.  Our procedures include pre-treating the area to be cleaned with EPA approved eco-friendly solutions, cleaning the area with our special pressure cleaning tools using water over 200 degrees and our powerful vacuum water extraction system.